Good day to all, today I visited the showroom of the Redeco factory with clients. What can be said right away is the impeccable quality (100% solid wood) and the most advanced technologies. On your note, whoever says that similar furniture can be bought in China, the furniture of this Italian brand cannot be done. This technique consists in applying on the surface of multi-colored pieces of various types of wood, such as: rosewood, ash and walnut root, macassar ebonite. The furniture is covered with high-quality varnishes with the addition of silver and gold glitters, which are applied by hand in 8 layers to give a special, shimmering effect. … Metal parts of Redeco furniture are made of high quality brass coated with an alloy of 70% chromium and 30% silver. Style refers to the direction of the classics with elements of the Art Deco style. The company produces furniture for various interiors: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices (as in the photo) and to order. I met two brothers Carlo and Aldo (the owners of the factory), who know their business very well and personally write the order together with the client. There is also the production of kitchens with various finishes: chrome, gold, lacquer coating with the use of glitter (decorative small sequins), which gives a diamond shine to the lacquer and a special gloss of furniture. I really liked everything, the attitude and quality of the products! Good shopping and good mood! With alexey.    

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