Hello, dear connoisseurs of Italian furniture and European quality, today I visited the showroom of the mosaic and furniture factory of the Sices factory I got acquainted with the latest furniture and mosaic collections of 2018, see photos and videos from the factory, which is in my look to be on a level, or even higher than such well-known brands as Fendi, Visionnair. (the price is much more competitive). It should be noted that one of the designers of the factory is the stylist of the fashion house Dior., + a free 3D design project is made for clients. Upon your request, I will send you the prices, price list and technical characteristics of any of the types of mosaics. Also, this manufacturer has a wide range of colors for the production of marble. Usually, this facing material is glass in the form of tiles and slabs 150 * 150, this is the most common size. One of the key characteristics is: durability, heat resistance, water resistance, frost resistance and impact resistance. The glass has a solid structure, which means it is not exposed to the influence of microorganisms and bacteria. There are 3 sizes 10 * 10.20 * 20.50 * 50 thickness from 3- 12 mm. There are such types of art. in this factory -with the effect of precious and semi-precious stones -with mother-of-pearl effect -mirror, gold and silver -metalized mosaic -mix ceramics and wood As you can see, this Italian manufacturer has everything from mosaics, marble to furniture. Ask questions and I will be happy to answer them. Always in touch, Alexey tel. +393405109357 watsap, viber