Hello, if we don’t know each other, my name is Alexey, an expert in the selection of Italian furniture, sanitary ware, tiles. Today, on this sunny day, I want to invite you to the world of the highest quality Italian sofas of the world famous name Provasi. After 15 years of working with Italian factories, including the production of sofas, the Provasi brand pleasantly surprised me! Let me explain: everything is very simple, everything is in small details – these are individual elements (lines, smooth lines, solidity), quality of material (only solid wood, upholstery materials of the highest category cat.D, seats made of rubber and down that retain their shape) + all elements are made by hand .Prices are above average luxury category. The factory is located in the suburbs of Milan, next to the world famous Zanaboni, Asnaghi Interiors, Riva, Angelo Capellini and many others. This is luxurious furniture with a rich finish, Provasi is based on the unique individuality of the company, its unique sense of beauty, style, elegance (see photo, video) and after 55 years, development is in full swing. It is important that each sofa is individual in its own way, there are no alike, which speaks of the design and the level of the company. Most of the fabrics for Provasi sofas are cut out on the spot, and each piece is upholstered by one craftsman. After that, a frame is made, which is processed by three people, samples of balusters, spring fasteners and inlay are made. For different types of wood, a unique composition of varnishes and paints is selected. The secrets of production, as well as family values, were inherited by the Antonio Provazi family to their son Roberto, who turned it into the greatest brand known all over the world. Showrooms are scattered all over the world, with the exception of the Middle East. Always yours, Alexey. tel. +393405109357 vatsap, viber