We created this tour in order to help our customers buy Italian furniture directly from the manufacturer.

The advantages of taking the tour are obvious: in Italy, furniture prices are significantly lower than in Russia. Plus, you can view the entire selection right on the spot.

Furniture shopping trips to Milan and Rimini. Furniture for hotels and cottage complexes. Huge selection of bathroom and living room furniture. Italian furniture for the kitchen, children’s room, office space, wardrobes, doors, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and much more. I will help you buy furniture for office space, home, country house on your own! Plus, I will help develop an interior design project for your home! Let’s go to Milan, Rimini and other cities…

Why should you trust us?

1. We work with factories directly without intermediaries.
2. Our clients receive exclusive discounts.
3. You get the help of an expert who knows everything about furniture and can provide you with the best options.
4. Transparent communication, we don’t try to force any products on our clients
5. We can take professional measurements of the space and assemble furniture with expert care.

How are we different from others?

1. Professional support throughout all stages of your shopping experience.
2. Over 8 years of experience in the Italian furniture market.
3. Your personal guide in Italy.
4. Read my article “Professional Secrets or Buying Furniture in Italy”.

Giano Franco Main designer


  • Good afternoon, Alexey! We finally received our ceiling fixtures! They look even better than I thought! I was very worried about the order because this was my first time ordering interior decor items remotely without meeting the seller and seeing the products… but you did not disappoint!!! Thank you very much, Alexey, for helping me choose the right fixtures and being so honest! I really hope that quarantine restrictions in Italy will soon be lifted so I can order more products from you!

    Krasnodar, Russia
  • I have been meaning to contact you for a while now but couldn’t find the time. I wanted to thank you for helping me purchase furniture. And also thanks to your partner for supporting and consulting me! I bought everything wanted and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

    Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Alex! Thank you for your congratulations!! You and other Italtur staff are very pleasant to communicate and work with!!! Thank you very much for everything!!!

    Larisa Shpak
    Narva, Estonia
  • Good evening, Alexei! We are very happy that our furniture has arrived, we have assembled everything and it fit perfectly into our home. We are very satisfied with the quality, in short, we remember you with kind words. Thanks for your work!

    Tatiana and Igor
  • Alexey, I already received my order. We can’t assemble the furniture just yet since the house is not ready. But we were able to assemble and install the furniture that was meant for my old home. Everything is great! Thank you so much!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I order furniture in Italy?

– Choose the style: modern, classic, art deco, modern classic, etc.
– Develop an interior design project for your space.
– Provide a complete list of products you need (furniture, plumbing, lighting, etc.) and their dimensions.
– Select and finalize a list of factories with different price ranges.
– Finalize the budget for your order.
– Coordinate your arrival date, decide what amount of time is necessary for your visit, and book meetings at the factories.

What transportation companies do you work with?

A number of companies (TLT) offer a range of furniture delivery services from Europe to Russia.

What are the advantages of Italian furniture over furniture made in other countries?

1) There are no large manufacturing plants in Europe, including Italy. All furniture is manufactured individually according to your measurements beginning with the smallest details.
2) The factories we work with use only the highest quality wood that has gone through all the drying stages. As a result, all furniture comes with long warranty periods.
3) Only German and Italian hardware is used for furniture assembly.
4) All wood processing materials are environmentally friendly and compliant with the EU safety standards.
5) Italy ranks first in the world for furniture design, quality, and reliability.

Can you create an interior design project?

The goal of professional interior design is to select not only beautiful but also functional furnishing, created using modern materials and innovative technologies. Italtour is a professional Italian interior design studio that can create an exclusive interior design project for your home. Our designs are 100% unique in terms of conceptual and compositional solutions used in the projects.

Is there a minimum order? Or how much does furniture cost?

There is no minimum order or price limit, as you will be purchasing furniture directly from the factory. Furniture prices are 60-90% lower than prices in Russia.

Can I visit factories in person?

Yes. It is possible to visit factories, see how the furniture is made, browse pieces in the showroom, see new samples and catalogs of the latest collection.

How long does shipping take?

Delivery time is 8-10 business days from the moment your order departs from Italy.
You can also choose to insure the order (the price will be equal to 1% of the invoice amount).

What factories do you work with?

You can find the full list of factories here.

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