Hello, I want to share with you my first impression of visiting the showroom of the Berloni factory in the city of Pesaro. Surely, everyone has already heard about this well-known brand, but still a few words, I want to say., + Photos and videos for your attention. The difference from other typical Italian firms is, first of all, technological effectiveness, that is, it is not only kitchens, but also the entire accompanying mod row: tables, chairs, showcases, hinged decorative shelves, bar modules, etc. -different models of classic and modern (see photo, valuable from 2857e mod CLASS ROSSO) -reasonable prices and a wide selection of art. -filling with household appliances at factory prices: microwave ovens, oven, glass-ceramic hobs, dishwashers (Siemens), refrigerators and much more. -Using the so-called hybrid sales method, lowering the price without losing quality. – the latest technologies and the use of new materials (water-repellent coating of the V100 standard, chipboard of the EO category. All these components lead to the fact that it is safe to say that Berloni kitchens are a real Italian masterpiece! I really want everyone to be the owner of this kitchen! For my part, I will do my best and my experience.    

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