Hello, dear colleagues and valuers of Italian furniture! Today, 09/14/2017, together with clients, I visited the showroom of the Visionnaire factory in Milan. I would like to write right away about the scale and approach of the company’s management to its brand Ipe Cavalli. The showroom is very large and is located in the center of Milan, the other in the city of Bologna. Visionnaire is luxury furniture in the art deco and glamor style for every taste and type of room. A large selection of beds, dressing tables, sofas, dressers, bar stools, lighting and all possible attributes of furniture. The price segment is above average, quite high and belongs to the luxury class, it is a combination of style, luxury and high quality. Only precious woods and natural materials are used, see my photos and videos. We can say with confidence that having bought this furniture, you will feel yourself a confident person in life. The products of this brand can hardly be attributed to the traditional setting, rather to the decoration. In this furniture, there is a certain theatricality, sublimity + functionality. Of course, you need to see and feel everything live, while feeling the energy inherent in it. I invite you to a furniture tour with, always in touch Alexey tel. +393405109357 Until next time!