Good day, connoisseurs of Italian furniture and European quality, today I would like to present to your attention the world famous Italian brand Riva Since this is not the first factory in Italy that I have visited, I want to note this definitely style: baroque, empire style, classic with elements of antiquity. see photo and video. The furniture of this factory can be used to furnish not only a living room, but also a dining room, a bedroom, a nursery, an office. In his time he made furniture, and I can say with confidence that you can be 100% confident. There are a lot of collections, interesting in my opinion dining room BALBIANELLO, BOUQUET, GIARDINO, DIRETTORIO, OLD CLASSIC and many others. In the photo, you can see a wine cabinet made of natural wood: cherry, maple, oak and walnut grown in special nurseries. The environmental friendliness of materials, including natural adhesives, waxes and oils, has become the main advantage of this brand. Over time, the factory took over arms and recycled near trees: – trunks of prehistoric cowrie trees -Briccole wooden poles from Venice to be replaced – naturally killed Lebanese cedar It should be said that the factory is more than 50 years old and of course, as in many cases in Italy, it is a family business founded in 1920. The price range is high, above average, one can say one of the most expensive factories in this segment. that this is furniture for very wealthy people. The designers of this brand are: David Chipperfild, Piero Lissoni, Paola Navone, Karim Rashid, antonio Rodriquez, Phillipe Starck. If you become a client of this factory, the furniture will serve you for many years and every day will delight you with its sophistication, beauty and luxury. Alexey, your guide in the world of Italian furniture, was with you. I will be glad to work with you and do everything for you to buy furniture at the lowest price in the factory. Call us, tel. +393405109357 watsap.viber I will be ready to answer all your questions., Website