Hello, it will be very interesting for everyone to watch this video report link and a photo from the Italian factory for the production of bathroom furniture from the Italian factory Aquos. I got acquainted with this manufacturer recently, but I want to say that the furniture is very designer and relevant today. I have repeatedly said that even a non-branded manufacturer (as in this case) has excellent quality (in the photo you can see bloom fittings, there are 3 loops ) and reputation in the world furniture market, which is very important at the moment during the crisis. If you are interested in this factory, I can send the catalog of the latest collection of 2017. Made of natural materials, with a high coefficient of moisture resistance + everything is functional and made in Italy in compliance with all European GOSTs and standards. Moreover, you need to understand that buying bathroom furniture is a responsible event. Here, usually, non-standard climatic conditions are humidity, temperature drops, and other phenomena that adversely affect the furniture. Therefore, bathroom furniture must have certain characteristics, such like Aquos. Under the influence of high humidity, fittings and temperature changes must perform certain functions. This furniture is of average value, and the quality is very high. Alexey was with you, write, call I will be ready to answer all your questions. Tel. +393405109357 watsap viber