Hello friends, connoisseurs of Italian quality, real MADE IN ITALY! After visiting the exhibition in Milan, I got acquainted with the Formenti factory I can safely say one thing, I singled out this factory immediately in terms of design, quality (see photo), the price policy is below average, despite the quality of the materials used and the original design. The direction of modernity, art deco, classic forms are also present. This company specializes in the production of high quality upholstered furniture in modern styles. In recent years, the factory has also mastered the production of beds, dining areas at a high design level, while maintaining democratic values. Located in the oldest furniture region of Lombardy, it offers a wide selection of both different colors and structures – from varnished crocodile or ostrich embossing to designer matte embossings with stitching (you can choose different thicknesses and colors) It will be interesting for you to visit this place, call right now tel. +393405109357 vatsap, viber Always in touch, Alexey.