Welcome to the oldest Paralumemarina factory in Italy with the traditional old technologies of Italian masters of the Roman-Florentine and Venetian schools. It is not for nothing that the factory is located only 100 km from Venice, the showroom in the factory is not large, as can be seen from the photo. In Italy, as a rule, it is family productions and orders are carried out mainly for individual clients. Of course, the factory belongs to the above-average value category, this is understandable for the use in the production of only natural materials: brass, copper and bronze + high-quality Murano glass. The assortment includes chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces, floor lamps and much more. Each model of the lamp is made by hand, and all components are made only in Italy, in other words, the real MADE IN ITALY. Made in such styles as classic, art deco, empire, you can (as I wrote earlier) individually select products with exquisite lace textiles, from crystal … It is very important: special care of IL PARALUME MARINA lamps is not carried out, this indicates how high-quality all the products are with consistent technology. Good shopping to you, sincerely  

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