Hello, dear visitors of my site and connoisseurs of real Italian quality MADE IN ITALY. Today I got acquainted with the ITB factory and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and the price policy. First of all, I want to note the level of the factory and the showroom itself, the video can be viewed at the link, also in the photo in the description. Valuable are very democratic in comparison with other similar brands, you can make a request for any position shown in the photo according to your size and preferences in material, color. The iconic element of this brand is -quality of finishing materials -painted, not only from the outside of the facades, but also from the inside -certificate of quality for each manufactured kit -different styles of modern and classic -fittings of Italian and German manufacturers – 7 years warranty The assortment of this factory is represented by various types of wardrobes, beds, desks, bedside tables and many other positions, as well as modular furniture systems for a nursery, combining from different collections and sizes. They also make bedrooms for hotels and penthouses, which speaks of reliability and level in the Italian furniture market. Good shopping and spring mood, Alexey was with you.