GAMMA sofa factory

Together with clients, Oleg and Lyudmila visited the production of Gamma sofas (, I want to celebrate the factory for over 40 years. Frankly speaking in terms of quality and fashion. Based on my experience, this is one of the first in Italy. (See photo) The work is mainly carried out with leather of the 1st category (with fabric less often) with a thickness of 2-4 mm, and with a choice of sewing stitching (see .photo) more than 12 types. I also liked the practicality and functionality of the Crossover mod we ordered, with an opening armrest. The sustained style and quality of products can be safely called the face of this brand. From the conversation I realized that they know about this brand not by hearsay, since their children have been using these sofas for more than 8 years and look like new. The staff is more than 100 people (the video from the factory can be seen on YouTube), this suggests that the products are in demand and are very competitive in the international market. Best wishes and see you again, Alexey.

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