Today, 04/10/16, with a client from Armenia, I visited the showroom of the Masiero Luxury factory located near the city on the water of Venice. Without exaggeration, we can say that this is the leader in Italy in design and quality, it was not for nothing that the factory was founded in 1982. Masiero is a successful mixture of classic and modern, see my video with a middle and higher price segment. First of all, this is the handicraft of Venetian glassblowers, production from natural materials (these are Swarovski crystals Austria and Asfour Egypt, ceramics and silk fabrics, transparent and colored crystal, Murano glass) and finally it is a brand whose products are certified all over the world. The Masiero range is represented by various collections and includes lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, also table lamps. (See photos from the showroom of this factory). Glass color options: red, green, blue, transparent. 3 well-known collections prevail: Classica, Eclectica, Ottocento. As far as I understood from my 10th experience in Italy, the equipment comes with LED lamps, the color of which can be changed using the control panel or the masiero application from the phone via wi-fi. Suitable for lighting terraces, swimming pools, open spaces, fully resistant to the effects of the atmospheric environment, rain, dust. I was with you, Alexey, all the best!  

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