Zanaboni Factory

Have a nice day everyone, Alexey is with you again! I want to note right away that Zanaboni is a world-class brand since 1967, with unsurpassed Italian quality. For half a century of work, the company creates an individual, unlike any other style. Zanaboni is a high-level Italian factory, time-tested classic styles and silhouettes. The history began with a studio for the production of upholstered furniture, which over time has been recognized throughout the world as a model of quality, prestige and comfort. Having tried the sofa and chairs, I felt a very comfortable and respectable environment (see the photo on the website), and I have to admit after that I don’t want to look for something else. The materials used in the manufacture of Zanaboni furniture are carefully checked, which guarantees the impeccable quality of the finished product. For finishing, only the richest and most beautiful fabrics and leathers are selected (in other words, there is only the highest category of upholstery), which give any collection of this company an extremely decorative look. I would like to wish everyone to become the owner of the products of this factory! I am waiting for you in Italy, Alexey.  

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