How to choose a wardrobe?

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The arrangement of an apartment, a country cottage or a mansion is troublesome, but pleasant. Anticipating the perfect end result, the owners strive to complete this renovation or construction phase as soon as possible. Meanwhile, rush is inappropriate here, it is important to choose furnishings not only in terms of external performance, but also in functionality. Often seduced by an interesting design solution of furniture with the beginning of its use, the owners are surprised to state the fact that practicality was not taken into account during the development. But the original purpose of the furniture is comfort and convenience, and then the external design follows.

Despite the growing popularity of separate dressing rooms, wardrobes remain indispensable furnishings in any home. The storage system should be thought out to the smallest detail, in the future this will save you from many problems. In terms of design, cabinets are of a wide variety of types, nevertheless, they must all contain the required number of things. Therefore, the initial criterion that should be considered when choosing such furniture is its purpose. In the living room, you can put a multifunctional modular version with a niche for a TV, a wardrobe will be appropriate in the bedroom, a bookcase in the study, and a sideboard in the kitchen. Accordingly, the internal content and external design of the furniture will differ.


Sliding wardrobe – main features

Probably at the moment this is the most popular type of furniture for storing things. The possibilities of its installation and the variety of designs allow you to choose the appropriate option for any room, even a small area. When choosing such a model, the following points should be considered:

  • Installation method – the cabinet can be cabinet, semi-built-in and built-in. In the first case, if necessary, the structure can be disassembled, in the rest, the role of the walls is assigned to the walls of the room.
  • Sliding system type – the material of the storage system profile plays a key role in the durability of the structure. Most often they use aluminum and stainless steel, exclusive models are made from natural wood.
  • The appearance of the facade is the main aspect that influences the harmonious integration of furniture into the overall design of the room. Here, the choice depends on the taste of the owners of the house and the current tasks of adjusting the room. For example, for confined spaces, mirrored doors are the ideal solution.

If you want to make the wardrobe invisible, it is worth decorating its facade in the colors of the main walls of the room, bright prints or contrasting colors will highlight the furniture, put it in the foreground. It is important to take into account any nuances, including the presence of additional shelves outside, the quality of fittings and lighting for comfortable use of furniture.

Internal design of a storage system for an apartment or house

The location of shelves, drawers and hanger bars is very important for proper storage organization. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the available options in more detail in order to choose the most acceptable for yourself:

  • pantograph – it allows you to place things on the hangers at a higher level, with the help of a special lifting mechanism, they can be easily lowered;
  • upper shelves – usually filled with things that are very rarely used, you can hide seasonal clothes there;
  • baskets – usually they are mounted on rails, made of plastic or iron, it is convenient to store various little things in them;
  • hooks – located on the walls, it is convenient to hang bags, backpacks, dressing gowns or other things that are used every day on them;
  • trousers – especially relevant for office workers, such devices allow you to quickly find a suitable option;
  • drawers – most often underwear is stored here; for more convenient placement, you can additionally purchase an organizer;
  • shelves for shoes – they have a place at the bottom, it can be either chrome-plated or a wooden stand.


In addition to these devices, the design of the cabinet often also provides for a pull-out ironing board, tie hangers, a microlift, etc.

Wardrobe – a rarity or a fashionable accent in the interior?

With all the many advantages of built-in storage structures, they are significantly inferior in design to freestanding options with hinged doors. Such furniture looks especially advantageous in rooms decorated in the following style:

  • modern – the external configuration can be from the classic rectangular, to the original shape of an hourglass or barrel, the dimensions are selected individually at the request of the customer;
  • classics – smooth lines, ornament, mirrors, natural solid wood, luxurious engraving, hand-made decoration, all these factors make the furniture unique;
  • Art Deco – these models are distinguished by their original finish and unique design, according to the customer’s requests, the design can be agreed individually, the final cost of the furniture will depend on the finish.


It is important to pay attention to the materials used in the manufacture of cabinets. It can be natural solid wood, MDF, glass, metal, leather, fabric. Ultimately, all these little things affect the appearance and service life of the furniture. A wide range of models on the market allows you to choose any option to your liking.

Italian furniture – a symbol of luxury and style

Another aspect that needs to be taken into account when choosing a new environment for a home, office space, personal account is the manufacturer. Furniture of European production, in particular, Italian, is traditionally highly valued. Expanded opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation allow our customers to choose for themselves the best options from the latest fashion collections. Well-known factories have a long history, value their reputation and produce unique furnishings. Here is some of them:

  • BRUNO ZAMPA is a family-owned company that can recreate for you the complete setting of a separate room or the whole house, attention is paid to every little detail, many works are done by hand;
  • Asnaghi Interiors – a modern approach, combined with almost a century of production experience, makes the furnishings of this brand a real work of art, if you wish, you can choose the right textiles, bed linen.

If you are looking for where to order a high-quality Italian wardrobe and other furniture in the Louis XV style, art deco, classic, modern, visit the website Here you can get any information, order a chic home furnishings from Italy.


Can I personally choose a wardrobe from Italy?

Yes, we organize tours that include visits to the most famous Italian furniture factories.

Is Italian furniture very expensive?

No, compared to domestic models, the quality of furnishings from Italy is much higher, and the cost can be in one segment.

Can I order a wardrobe according to my project?

Of course, we will help you realize your wildest ideas.

Итальянская мебель под ключ в любой точке мира напрямую от производителей! Обращайтесь за бесплатной консультацией!
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