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The rating of furniture factories in Russia in terms of quality is compiled every year so that everyone who wants to buy high-quality and affordable furniture can get acquainted with new manufacturers and purchase a really suitable version of upholstered furniture for themselves. Furniture factories should be selected based on many factors, but the main thing is environmental friendliness and safety for health, as well as the quality of the products provided. All collections are mainly created on the basis of sampling, reviewing reviews, working with manufacturers’ websites. It is important to look for reviews from real buyers, which may be on different sites with many reviews. Most of Russian manufacturers are not inferior to foreign production, while for the manufacture of such furniture, even to order, the buyer pays much less, since there are no additional costs for delivery and transportation across the border.

The best manufacturers of upholstered furniture

A large number of manufacturers exist on the market, but the following are worth noting, because they have received the largest number of positive reviews among customers:

  • Borovichi furniture is considered one of the largest enterprises, located in the Novgorod region. This area is known for its quality woods, so there are really many good wood craftsmen among the locals. The production uses high-quality advanced equipment, so the production works in large quantities, while the quality is really worthy of the European market. This manufacturer is also appreciated abroad, therefore there is an established delivery network to some countries. It is possible to choose the material of interest to create the frame, and you can also choose the upholstery yourself. There is a really large selection of upholstered furniture in the catalog.
  • Furniture Holding can be safely attributed to the middle price segment; production is located in the Vladimir region. Its history began 20 years ago with a small workshop, but today it is already recognized abroad. The catalog offers more than 700 options for models of upholstered and cabinet furniture with a unique design. It is important that the company has all the necessary certificates that confirm the high quality of the products. Here you can choose furniture options for both adults and children.
  • Living Sofas is a company located in the Moscow region, the enterprise has been operating since 1994 and already has more than 80 thousand square meters of work space. There are about one and a half thousand people on the staff, and most of them already had the necessary skills to create furniture, but all personnel are constantly undergoing qualification training and participating in training seminars, where they receive new knowledge to create more modern models of upholstered furniture. The company constantly participates in exhibitions and takes first places, the last time it even received a national prize. The sofas from this company are really high quality and worthy of their funds. There is also a large selection of furniture not only for adults, but also for children of different ages.


Upholstered and cabinet furniture – a pricing issue

Pricing in the same furniture showroom may differ slightly. Sometimes such differences between outwardly similar sofas can reach several thousand rubles. Several criteria affect pricing:

  • Furniture transformation and its mechanism. Cheaper design options are often fixed, that is, you cannot make a bed out of a sofa and sleep on it together at night. Details for transformation in such models are not provided initially. Such sofas will be comfortable and reliable, but they are not at all multifunctional and are limited in use. It is the complexity of the transformation mechanism that will affect the final price of the proposed product.
  • Upholstery material issue. We get to know the material of the upholstery thanks to the tactile perception. The more pleasant and natural the fabrics are, the higher the cost of the product will be. The inexpensive and most frequently encountered fabrics include synthetics, cotton and jacquard. The middle price segment includes artificial leather, velor fabrics, chenille or flock. Such fabrics already have impregnation, which helps to preserve the appearance of the sofa, impregnations are created on the basis of scotchguard or Teflon. The materials of the expensive segment include leather materials, animal skins. More often, such models are made only to order.
  • Used sofa frame. The frame is a constituent element of upholstered furniture, if it is made of high-quality material, then the durability of such furniture is guaranteed. In the segment of furniture production, it is recommended to use plywood and chipboard.

Designers are also working on a furniture project, so they also get a certain amount from the cost of the sofa. Standard samples, of course, will be inexpensive, reaching a maximum of the middle price segment, but exclusive models, which are created to order with the client’s requirements and will cost much more.

Transformation options

For sofas, the technology provides several transformation options, which also affects the cost of a particular sofa:

  • Standard books. This transformation design is considered the classic and most common. The finished product has two positions – you can sit comfortably, there is a backrest to support your back, or you can unfold the sofa and use it as a double bed for sleeping. In most cases, it is a double, as there are options for one and a half and more than double.
  • Also, for the budget segment, there is an option for transforming a click-gag, on such a sofa you can sleep, sit or recline.
  • Accordion sofas make it possible to create a sleeping place with three segments, that is, an additional segment is provided. Such options already belong to the middle price segment, since for their execution it is necessary to spend more materials.

There are also dolphins, these allow you to create a more comfortable bed for sleeping from the usual position of the sofa. Very easy to use, but for production they require a larger number of transforming elements, hence the price.

Which frame is better

There are places in the frame that you need to pay more attention to for good fixing, then it is better to use natural wood or metal inserts. So options for furniture with a frame entirely made of wood or metal will cost significantly higher than the same models, but their plywood or chipboard. The most popular wood species in the furniture industry are birch, spruce and pine, but these are cheaper options, options for the more expensive segment are tropical trees, cherries, walnut, oak or beech. It is also worth paying attention not only to the wood used itself, not many people know that the quality of the final product will ultimately depend on the processing technology of natural wood. This process is actually labor intensive. If the furniture has curly carvings, the joints fit perfectly, expensive impregnation materials with high-quality paints and varnishes were used, then the price will be appropriate.

Итальянская мебель под ключ в любой точке мира напрямую от производителей! Обращайтесь за бесплатной консультацией!
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