Factory Bruno ZAMPA

Hello connoisseurs of Italian furniture! Today I visited the showroom of the world brand Bruno Zampa (www.brunozampa.it), on the ground floor there are bedrooms, bar counters, bathroom sets, sofas and much more. (See photo) Undoubtedly, this is furniture in a classic style with elements modern in some collections. On the second floor, orders are carried out, samples of fittings, wallpapers, fabrics + TVs are placed, where you can see everything in a graphic image. The uniqueness is that you can pick up everything: from doors to wallpaper and bedspreads on the bed and withstand everything in the same style. From a conversation with Elena, the leading manager of this brand, I learned that initially it was the production of upholstered furniture, over time it was transformed into all the elements of furniture for the home. time does not deform. The design of the frames, the shape of the backs, the size of the pillows and armrests are developed in accordance with the human anatomy. It is important to emphasize that the designers of this brand are ready to recreate all the furnishings for your home, and this despite the fact that all this is their own production. In other words, MADE IN ITALY! Moreover, you need to understand that this is a family business and a lot of attention is paid to quality. BRUNO ZAMPA will decorate your home, add a touch of nobility, sophistication to the interior and, of course, emphasize your wealth. Good luck, Alexey was with you.  

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