Today with clients I visited the Cucinese factory, which is located in the city of Pazaro. A report from the factory and a detailed description of how to buy furniture in Italy can be viewed at this link This is a middle value segment, but in terms of the design and quality of the painting of the facades, in compliance with all the technologies, it can be attributed to a fairly high level. The production, in itself, is not large, there is a small showroom right in the production, you can see the photos. The main directions are modern, modern classic with the use of facades from MDF and natural wood., official website One of the collections called Systema is available in various colors and several materials in fashionable finishes, in particular: smooth, wood, glossy polymer. Italian designers propose to make light gray oak facades for this collection with various color finishes. The door thickness is twenty two centimeters, milled handles are provided. These kitchens are universal, therefore, if you wish, you can order individual elements coated with matte or glossy varnish, as well as beautiful aluminum frame for a more sophisticated shape. A wide range of modular systems is used, thanks to which it is possible to combine compositions and combine different directions. This is undoubtedly the sign of the elite kitchens that are made in Italy. For any questions, please contact at any time. Always in touch, Alexey +393405109357 whatsap viber