Good day, day friends! Today, like every year in May, I visited a furniture exhibition in Milan! I would like to say that on the Italian furniture market, only proven manufacturers remain, and only Made in Italy quality. I will note that over the past 2 years, taste trends are more and more captured by the modern style, art deco, and less and less classic, based on any age category. The exhibition was multifaceted, both in the classics and in modern. For new products, see the FORMENTI factory website with a valuable from 1500e if bought directly from the factory. Also the unrivaled new collection of the Zanaboni factory visit my channel and video on YouTube. It should be noted that in this Italian manufacturer, there is also modern. As always, we were pleased with the stylish DV homecollection factory, the unsurpassed quality and original design of This is only a small part of what I saw at the exhibition, look at all the photos in my opinion that deserve attention. If interested, call or write to me, tel. +393405109357 vatsap, Viber email [email protected] Welcome to the world of real Italian quality furniture!