Hello, dear friends, today we will visit the showroom in Milan along Largo Augusto street, 1 of the modern Italian luxury brand Baxter.From a professional point of view, I can say that this is a very high-quality brand using the best grades of leather and fabric, only solid solid wood frames rocks. The first collections of the company were created in the style of British classicism. The company collaborates with such talented designers: Carlo Colombo, Paola Navone, Massimo Formica, Roberto Lazzeroni. The assortment includes: armchairs, sofas, wardrobes, chairs, tables, shelves, consoles, beds, poufs, couches, In addition to pieces of furniture, there are Baxter lamps that fit in an original way in the interior you create. They meet all European and international quality standards. In my opinion, some of the interesting models: VICTOR, TAIPEI, PUNTO ROSSO, SORRENTO, GODARD, CASABLANCA, FOLD see the photo. The range of Baxter furniture is unlimited, the attention to detail in the furniture is first class, which gives your home an element of luxury. Of course, it’s better to see everything with your own eyes and how, they say, to touch it live. Therefore, I invite you to a furniture tour in Italy to visit furniture factories and feel the flavor of this beautiful country. Call right now by phone +393405109357 watasp, viber Alexey