Good afternoon, valuers of the beauty and quality of Italian furniture. Today, on May 29, I visited the Asnaghi Interiors factory founded in 1916, I immediately want to note that the showroom is very large, this speaks of the material and brand level of the factory (see photo). The furniture is all classic. style made of natural wood with gold and silver foil, brass. It is very convenient that you can immediately order sets of bed linen, curtains, gabelins and lighting from the best Italian companies, such as Masiero, Magi Iliminazione, Swarovsci and many others. The representative of the Andrea factory very quickly made a miscalculation of the required art. And provided a 3-d model of the built-in wardrobe, which speaks about the level of the factory and the professionalism of the staff. The main directions are Empire, Art Deco, Baroque, Rococo, of course, collections in the style of Louis XV, and charm in the style of Louis XVI. This is splendor and luxury, a real piece of furniture art. The Asnaghi Interiors furniture set, or a separate item, is the pride of the owner and the admiration of the guests of the house. The factory collections are Alpi, Italia, Gold, Star, Prestige, Manzoni, luxury see you in Italy, Alexey.  

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